Iurii Kuchyn

Department of Anesthesia and intensive care, Bogomolets Medical University, Ukraine

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    Predictors of severe labour pain: prospective observational study
    Author(s): Anastasiia Romanenko* and Iurii Kuchyn

    Introduction: Pain during childbirth is a subjective experience that every mother experiences differently. The degree of a woman's suffering in childbirth depends on the intensity of labour pain and many indirect factors. Complex interrelated effects on labour pain are limited by the small number of studies available. That is why it is necessary to determine the probable factors that may affect the intensity of pain. In accordance with this, determining predictors of the intensity of women’s pain during vaginal delivery remains an important issue for maternity health policy. Aim: Investigate predictors of severe labour pain. Method: A prospective observational study was conducted in the period from December 2020 to May 2021 at the Kyiv City Maternity Hospital №5 (Kyiv, Ukraine). Univariate and mult.. Read More»

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