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Transversus abdominis block; direct visualization vs. ultrasound guided for post-operative cesarean section pain


Author(s): Mohamed A. Ali*, Khaled H. Swedan, Mohamed S. Sweed, Hanan M. Ali and Rania H. Mostafa

Background: The transverse abdominis plane (TAP) block provides effective analgesia after lower abdominal surgeries including cesarean section (CS). TAP block can be performed under ultrasound guidance (US-TAP) or under direct visualization (DV-TAP).

Aim: To compare analgesia-efficacy between US-TAP vs. DV-TAP

Patients and methods: Forty women who attended Ain Shams University Maternity Hospital for elective CS were randomly divided into 2 groups; DV-TAP (n=20) and US-TAP (n=20).

Results: Both groups showed a similar analgesics-use during first postoperative 24 and 48 hours. DV-TAP showed lower pain score than US-TAP; it was significant; immediately, postoperative 6 and 24 hours, and non-significant postoperative 12 hours. Incidence of complications were the same between the two.

Conclusion: DV-TAP was more effective than US-TAP in cases of post-CS-analgesia. Postoperative using of analgesics, complications did not differ between the two.