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Ginekologia i Poloznictwo
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Use of contraceptives among Polish universitiesstudents ? preliminary study



Introduction. Today, the increased interest of related to human sexuality leads to better know-ledge about using of different methods of contraception. Analyzing the results of research ona group of adults women, noted certain regularities including the aspects of psychological,biological, social conditioning influencing the choice of contraceptive method.Aimof the study. The aim of this study was to identify what measures applied of contraceptiveare used by young adult women studying at universities in Krakow and Warsaw.Material and methods. The study included university students from Krakow and Warsaw inthe age between 18 - 28 years. The research group consisted of 405 women. For the study,designed the questionnaire - Sexual Activity Men and Women - ASKM containing questionsin the area of biology, sexology, psychology and sociology of women.Results. In the group of surveyed women with an average age of 23.3 years old, there wererespondents heterosexual and nonheteronormative orientation. The average age of sexual in-itiation was 18.4 years old. The groups of respondents differed significantly with respect tothe Roman Catholic religion. Results include issues related to sexual initiation, motivation forthe use of contraception, the most commonly used methods of contraception, and the mostfrequent problems associated with them.Conclusions. The data indicate weak association of psychological factors and sexual biogra-phy on the selection of a contraceptive method, while the highest indicator impact, demon-strate social and cultural factors.