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Threatened abortions ? importance of ultrasound, management and outcome


Author(s): Mansi Tiwari (ABCDEF), Usha B. Saraiya (ABC)

Introduction. First trimester abortion is the pregnancy loss in first trimester of pregnancy, before 12 weeks of gestation. Past history of the mother and her proper clinical evaluation and use of ultrasound will help us to understand many factors related to spontaneous abortion. The aim is to study the role of ultrasound, management and outcome of threatened abortions. Materials and methods. The study is mixed design study which includes study of records of patents with threatened abortions and new patients with threatened abortions followed up to end of first trimester over a period of 2 years. Results. Presence of sc bleed does not significantly affect the outcome of pregnancy in threatened abortion (p:0.25). Patients of threatened abortion with subchorionic bleed >20cc had 100% risk of abortion. 60% patients of threatened abortion, who had bleeding for 5-10 days continued their pregnancy. 50% patients of threatened abortion with bleeding for >10 days continued their pregnancy. Patients who received 3-7 days treatment 29(51%) patients continued their pregnancy and 28(49%) patients aborted. Conclusions. Ultrasound is the most important diagnostic and prognostic tool in early pregnancy bleeding. Ultrasound in a very useful modality for the proper management of incomplete, complete, missed and threatened abortions. More than 50% pregnancy with threatened abortion continue with proper hospital care and treatment, bed rest and reassurance. Small asymptomatic subchorionic bleed do not worsen pregnancy outcome. However large subchorionic collection may be associated with adverse pregnancy outcome. Ultrasound saves patient’s anxiety, financial loss and valuable time for women. However ultrasound may not be easily available for all cases.