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Ginekologia i Poloznictwo
ISSN 1896-3315 e-ISSN 1898-0759

The Way of Delivery Depending on the Indication to Prior Caesarean Section


Author(s): Jolanta Mazurek-Kantor, Beata Osuch, Beata Śpiewankiewicz, Włodzimierz Sawicki, Jerzy Stelmachów

Backgrond. Delivery, in case of patients who had caesarean section, is still a substantial problem in obstetrics. In analysis authors proved relationship between way of delivery in next pregnancy in relation to previous caesarean section’s indications. Material and methods. The material was 1408 women delivering after previous caesarean section. Results. It was confirmed, that in most of the cases next pregnancy ends up by caesarean section in group of patients, whose indications for previous caesarean section were: threaten uterine rupture – 97.6%, state after caesarean section – 95%, mother’s illnesses – 74.6%, lack of progress during delivery – 64.2%, cephalo-pelvic disproportion – 54%. Success of natural delivery’s attempt was stated, in most of the cases, in group of patients delivered by caesarean section in previous pregnancy because of: threatened intrauterine infection – 84%, pathology of placenta – 79.4%, fetal distress syndrome – 58.9% and breech presentation. Conclusions. On the basis of collected material, it was proved that indications for caesarean section in previous pregnancy have substantial influence on way of delivery in next pregnancy.