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The role of cervical factor in preterm labour etiopathogenesis



Introduction. A severe cervical incompetence treated with vaginal cerclage very often leedsto the loss of pregnancy. The most effective way of treatment is a transabdominal cervicoisth-mus cerclage (TAC).Aim. The aim of this study was to evaluate the pregnancy outcomes in women, who lost priorpregnancies due to miscarriages and premature deliveries, managed by the transabdominalcervicoisthmus cerclage.Materials and methods. At the between 2001and 2010 the transabdominal cerclages have beenapplied to 36 women who lost their prior pregnancies despite the insertionof a Mc Donald suture.Results. The 36 treated women have deliverd 19 alive newborns, 5 are ongoing before 32 weekof gestation.Conclusions. Our findings suggest that transabdominal cerclage (TAC) is associated withsuccessful obstetric outcome in more than 90% of women with a history of pregnancy loss.We indicate that there is a need to extend the indications for and to propagate this procedure.