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Ginekologia i Poloznictwo
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The prognostic value of HER2 receptor?s over expression in breast cancer


Author(s): Anna Brzozowska, Maria Mazurkiewicz

Introduction: The aim of this study is evaluation of the prognostic value of HER2 receptor’s overexpression in patients operated on for breast cancer. Material and methods: 90 patients with breast cancer are included, in whom a radical mastectomy was done between the years 1995-1997 in the Oncological Center of the Lublin District. In every case quantity of HER2 receptors was estimated through immunohistochemical staining. The “3+” result was referred to as overexpression in the stained tissue HER2(+). Overall survival time and disease free time were counted, as well as the probability of a 10-year survival and disease free survival. Results: Mean overall survival and disease free survival were as follows: 6,3 yrs (75,6+/-29,0 months) and 5,5 yrs (66+/-35,0 months). The probability of 3-, 5-and 10-year overall and disease free survival was 93%, 82%, 77% and 80%, 72%, 65%. HER2 receptors overexpression was diagnosed in 18 patients (20%). Probability of overall 10-year survival in HER2(+) was 55%, while in HER2(-) 85% (p=0,0134). Probability of a 10-year disease free survival was 60% in HER2(+) and almost 70% in HER2(-) (p=0,6317). Conclusions: Overexpression of HER2 is an adverse prognostic factor for patients overall su- rvival, while making no difference in disease free survival time.