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Ginekologia i Poloznictwo
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The occurrence of ovarian cancer in urban and ruralenvironments



Introduction. Epidemiological research results indicate that vitamin D may have a protectiveeffect against cancers, including epithelial ovarian cancer.Aim. Taking into consideration that women living in a country are more exposed to solar ra-diation, we decided to analyze morbidity of ovarian cancer depending on the age, place ofresidence, lifestyle and working area (urban and rural environment).Materials and methods. An analysis of 494 women suffering from ovarian cancer from theprovince of Opole in 5 years period (2003-2007) was done.Results. Our data has shown that morbidity of epithelial ovarian cancer is lower among womenfrom countries comparing to women living in a city, probably due to a higher exposure tosunlight and related production of vitamin D. The decreased risk of epithelial ovarian canceroccurrence among women living in a country compared to women living in a city within thewhole population of Opole province is statistically significant, irrespective of the age andespecially within the age group 40-49.Conclusions. Positive effect of ultraviolet radiation UVB on cutaneous synthesis of vitaminD and vitamin D supplementation might constitute positive factors decreasing the risk of ovariancancer occurrence.