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The meaning of infectious factors in miscarriageand premature childbirth



According to WHO data sex transmitted infections (STI) are still global, destroying epidemy.Viral, bacterial or parasital factors can induce systemic symptoms due to toxins or toxicmetabolites. Microorganisms which hematogenously invade the palcenta can be easily trans-ferred into amniotic fluid and fetal bloodstream. Those factors can result in fetal damage,intrauterine demise, abortion or premature delivery. Pre-conceptional and pregnancy diagno-stics should involve both partners, regarding fetal abnormality risk factors evaluation as wellas miscarriage or premature delivery risk.Applied therapy should consider infectious factor identification and potential fetus growth andpregnancy duration influence evaluation. Potential mother and fetal risks as well as plannedtherapy on early fetal development should also be analised.Therapuetic optimalization creates a chance for perinatal outcome improvement, fetus dama-ge, miscarriage and infectious-related premature labours reduction.