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The influence of menopausal symptoms on women's sex life


Author(s): Anna Kremska, Romana Wrobel, Elzbieta Krasnianin

Introduction. Women around the world suffer from ailments specific to the menopausal period, and the intensity and variety of menopausal symptoms depend on a negative attitude towards menopause as well as various aspects of a woman’s personality and high level of stress. The aim. The assessment of influence of menopausal symptoms on the quality of women’s sex life in perimenopausal age. Material and methods. The study group consisted of 200 women aged 45-55 years. The research was carried out in 2016 by the method of a diagnostic survey using own questionnaire. Results. The most bothersome symptoms of menopause were: hot flushes (51%), fatigue (41%), weight gain (39%), drenching night sweats (35.5%), irritability (35.5%), palpitations (34.5%), decreased desire for sex (32.5%) and vaginal dryness (31.5%). The influence of menopausal symptoms on sex life was noticed by 43% of women from the study group. 52% of the respondents experienced a deterioration in the quality of sex life in the menopause when compared to the preceding period. Conclusions. The factors that lower the satisfaction of sex life in the perimenopausal period are somatic menopausal disorders. Lowered satisfaction of sex life is an indication for treatment of menopausal disorders.