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The evaluation of penetration of amoxicillin to placenta, amniotic fluid and fetal blood


Author(s): Julia Zareba-Szczudlik, Krzysztof Czajkowski, Hanna Rozanska, Ewa Romejko-Wolniewicz

Introduction: Amoxicillin is a synthetic, wide-spectrum beta-lactamic antibiotic. In case of pregnant women it is administrated orally, intravenously and vaginally. The aim: The aim of this study was to evaluate the penetration of amoxicillin to placenta, fetal blood and amniotic fluid. Material and methods: The study covered 36 women delivered by elective caesarean section. The patients were given 0,6 mg amoxiclav intravenously. Two hours later during the operation samples of tissues, amniotic fluid and blood were taken. The measurement of antibiotics concentration was performed using the microbiological method. Results: The mean concentration of amoxicillin in amniotic fluid was 3.12+1.9 µg/g, and in placenta 1.54+0.89 µg/g. The mean maternal serum concentration was 3.14+0.62 µg/ml, the mean fetal serum concentration was 4.10+1.04 µg/ml. Conclusions: The concentration of amoxicillin in fetal serum did not differ from maternal serum concentration. Amoxicillin did not cumulate in placenta. The complications of pregnancy and the constitutional type of mother had no impact on amoxicillin concentration in tissues.