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The evaluation of 3D Power Doppler examination and Ca125 tests performed in Silesian women diagnosed with non-malignant ovarian tumors



Introduction. According to epidemiological reports, the incidence of ovarian cancer is ona stable rise. The global annual incidence of the disease exceeds 204,000, constituting 4% ofthe total neoplasm occurrence in women.Aim.The objective of this study was to evaluate the prognostic value of 3D Power Dopplerexamination for differentiation between ovarian tumors diagnosed in women from Silesianagglomeration.Material and methods. The research group numbered 50 women diagnosed with ovarian tumors,who were further subdivided depending on the results of postsurgical histopathological exa-mination. Prior to the surgery, a detailed interview was carried out in case of all women. Theyall had their BMI determined and 3D Power Doppler examination carried out (with Flow Index(FI), Vascular Index (VI) and Vascular-Flow Index (VFI) values measured and Ca-125 bloodtests performed). Non-invasive diagnostics was followed by surgical intervention (with ma-terial collected for histopathological examination) in case of all women diagnosed with tumorsof one/both ovaries. On the basis of the results a statistical analysis of respective parameterswas performed to illustrate the correlation between means or medians of the above mentionedindices and differentiation of tumors.Results.The age of the patients qualified for the research ranged from 24-72 years, witha mean age of 41,8 ± 11,4 years.BMI ranged from 18,0 to 35,0. Mean values, SEM and medianpreoperative Ca125 of examined women equaled 32,2± 4,2 and 20,7 respectively.Mean values,SEM and median VI of examined women equaled 8,4 ± 0,9 and 6,7, for FI 39,7 ± 2,5 and34,0; and for VFI 4,82 ± 0,50 and 3,15. There were noted a statistically significant increasein VI values and decrease in FI values in case of simple cyst when compared with teratoma.VFI values for both types of tumors were similar.Conclusions. No statistically significant correlation between age, BMI, Ca125 value and 3DPower Doppler examination was noted. No statistically significant differences in 3D PowerDoppler results depending upon the time of using contraceptives was noted. There were observedstatistically higher VI values and statistically lower FI values in case of simple cyst whencompared with teratoma. VFI values for both tumors were similar.