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Ginekologia i Poloznictwo
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Study of thyroid immunological and functional disorders in women with unexplained infertility


Author(s): Ali A. Bendary and Mohamed E. El Hodiby*

Aim: Autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD) is characterized by the presence of antithyroid antibodies: these antibodies have been reported to exist in 5-10% of reproductive-aged women. Thyroid dysfunction can cause infertility. We here attempted to determine possible relationship between thyroid disorders/autoimmunity and unexplained infertility.

Methods and Results: We retrieved data on women who visited us and analyzed them. Thyroid dysfunction was observed in 32.9% and 3.4% for the infertile and control groups, respectively. In women with unexplained infertility 67.1% were euthyroid, 11.4% were subclinical hypothyroidism, 12.9% were hypothyroidism and 8.6% were hyperthyroidism, while in fertile control group 96.6% were euthyroid and 3.4% were subclinical hypothyroidism. Thyroid antibodies were present in 18.6% and 0% for the infertile and control groups, respectively. There was positive correlation between the presence of thyroid antibodies (TPO-ab and TG-ab) and mean duration of infertility.

Conclusion: Thyroid dysfunction, whether subclinical or overt, might be a risk factor for unexplained infertility. The presence of thyroid autoantibodies in euthyroid asymptomatic women may serve as a marker for unexplained infertility. Screening for thyroid dysfunction and thyroid autoimmunity may be recommended for unexplained infertility