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Ginekologia i Poloznictwo
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Stem cells ? biological aspects of the regenerative medicine


Author(s): Ewa Baum, Michał Musielak

XXI century is definitely a decade of a rapid development in biological science. Scientific discoveries are a base for new medical techniques development, especially for the use of stem cells in transplantology, what is defined as regenerative medicine. Stem cells found not only in human embryos but also in placenta and cord blood as well as in adults, are used for damaged tissues and organs regeneration. Regenerative medicine studies show a significant progress in the invention of isolation techniques, cells cultures and stem cells reimplantation what enables for damaged organs repair. However, stem cells application in transplantology might cause ethical dilemmas due to a donor-recipient biological material transfer. It is thought that the future of stem cells application in transplantology is dependant not only on progress in biological science but also on solving the ethical dilemmas of that therapy.