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Risk factors of stress urinary incontinence in nursing



Introduction. Urinary incontinence is a social problem affecting millions of people all overthe world. It is a source of anxiety and psychological stress, causing a decrease of quality oflife and economic strain.Aim of the work. The evaluation of the prevalence of stress incontinence and its risk factorsin a group of nurses studying in the system of vocational external studies.Material and methods. Altogether 113 nurses studying externally filled in the questionnaireon the risk factors of urinary incontinence.Results. Stress incontinenceoccurred in25% surveyed women, it depended on the age andwas bigger in the group of patients above the age of 41. The factors setting off stress incon-tinence were the following: cough, laugh, sneezing, going up the stairs, running or weight-lifting.Conclusions. The prevalence of stress incontinence is age-related. The underwent gynaecolo-gic, urological surgeries and abdominal operations constitute a risk factor of stress incon-tinence.