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Quality of sexual life and self-esteem of women using oral contraceptives containing ethinylestradiol 20?g and gestodene 75?g



Aim. Rating sexual life and self-esteem of women using oral hormonal contraceptives conta-ining ethinylestradiol 20ìg and gestodene 75ìg.Materials and methods. The study involved 40 women aged from 19 to 49 years, who beforethe start of the study completed the questionnaire consisting of a general part, FSFI andRosenberg questionnaire. In a next step they applied contraception comprising ethinyl estra-diol (20ìg) and gestodene (75ìg) for a period of three months. After therapy, the femalerespondents completed again FSFI and Rosenberg questionnaire.Results. The study group of women gained an average FSFI test score 26.45 ± 8.83 beforetreatment and 31.15 ± 3.17 after hormone therapy. T-student test for dependent samples wasperformed for FSFI questionnaire, with obtained result p = 0.0024, and in the signed-marktest the result was p = 0.0014. Results > 26.55 before treatment were obtained by 75 % ofwomen, while the average score was 30.98 ± 2.32. After treatment, the score above the cut-off was obtained by 90% of women, where the average score was 31.73 ± 2.78.Conclusions. The use of oral hormonal contraceptives containing ethinylestradiol 20μg andgestodene 75μg improves the quality of sexual life of women.