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Preterm birth in pregnancy complicated by diabetes



Preterm birth complicates 6,2%-12,5% pregnancies and results in prematurity, which remainsthe leading cause of neonatal mortality.13 million preterm babies are born each year worldwi-de. Diabetes is the most common medical condition to complicate pregnancy, affecting 3-5%pregnant women in Europe. Preterm delivery is associated with increased prevalence of per-inatal morbidity, especially in diabetic pregnancy, when fetal lung maturation is often delay-ed. Consequent prematurity affects quality of life and has strong economical implication. Theobjective of this study is: to evaluate, according to available literature, the prevalence of pretermbirth in pregnancies complicated by diabetes, in contrast to general population; to identify therisk factors associated with preterm delivery in this group of women and possible ways of itsprevention; finally , to point out some differences between spontaneous and indicated pretermdelivery risk factors