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Prenatal concerns of high-risk and low-risk pregnantwomen: an analysis of the impact of risk factorsand protective factors



Introduction. Previous research on the psychological aspects of pregnancy indicate a signi-ficant share of fear in experiments on pregnant women.Objective. The study aimed at analysing the impact of risk factors and protective factors onthe level of concern of pregnant women and at verifying whethera high-risk pregnancy si-tuation is related to the intensification of those concerns.Material and methods.The study involved 136 women who were divided into two groups.The first group comprised women who reported for medical check-up at a gynaecology andobstetrics clinic, the other group comprised patients of a gynaecology and maternity ward at the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department of the Municipal Hospital in Ruda Œl¹ska. Anoriginal Prenatal Concerns of Pregnant Women scale and Berlin Social Support Scales (BSSS)were applied.Findings.A linear regression analysis proved, that in case of high-risk pregnant women con-cerns are predicted by: insufficient support of the partner, older age of the woman, first pre-gnancy and pregnancy planning. Whereas in case of normal pregnant woman concerns relatedto future maternity were predicted by low support of the partner and a history of stillbirth.Conclusions.The study revealedan influence of various risk factors and protective factors onthe level of experienced prenatal concerns according to the course of pregnancy. The partner’ssupport proved to be the most significant protective factor. Pregnant women experience pre-natal concerns to a similar degree, regardless of the course of pregnancy. It seems vital toundertake practical actions and create psycho-educational programs for pregnant women withaim to minimise negative emotional experiences accompanying the pregnancy.