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Physical activity in women with endometriosis



Introduction. Endometriosis constitutes 14% of all diseases of female genitalia; it occurs in about 8% of girls up to the age of 20 and in 7–11% women in postmenopausal period. Ailments caused by endometriosis may limit physical activity. Aim. The aim of the study was to evaluate the level of physical activity in women with endometriosis.

Material and methods. A population of 85 women was enrolled to the study. The research group consisted of 35 women with diagnosed endometriosis. The control group comprised 50 healthy women. A specific questionnaire was used as the research tool. It included social and demographic part, obstetrical-gynecological history and standardized inventory evaluating the level of physical activity - SEWL (Subjective Experience of Work Load).

Results. Statistically significant differences were found between the groups in SEWL scores. A higher level of job-related physical activity and lower level of leisure-related physical activity were observed in the research group compared with the control group. A negative correlation between a number of sexual partners and sport index as well as general SEWL score were identified.

Conclusions. The diagnosis of endometriosis decreases the level of general physical activity. The level of physical activity is not affected by the time of endometriosis diagnosis.