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Ovarian tumor in pregnancy ? a case report and literaturereview



Ovarian tumors develop in 2.3–8.8% of pregnant women. They are usually detected duringa routine transvaginal ultrasound scan in the first trimester of gestation. Most of them regressspontaneously after the 10th week of pregnancy. From the histological point of view, the mostcommon lesions include retained corpus luteum, mature teratomas as well as serous or mu-cinous cystadenomas.This paper presents a case of an ovarian tumor detected in the 13th week of gestation. Dueto the size of the lesion (20 cm in diameter), the risk of it being malignant, pain reported bythe patient and potential influence of the tumor on fetal development, it was decided toimplement surgical treatment. The tumor was enucleated sparing the ovary, and a histologicalexamination revealed teratoma adultum cysticum – struma ovarii dextri.