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Ginekologia i Poloznictwo
ISSN 1896-3315 e-ISSN 1898-0759

Ovarian cells with differentiation potential


Author(s): Michał Czerwiński (AEF), Katarzyna Olszak-Wąsik (AEF), Anna Bednarska-Czerwińska (AEF), Anita Olejek (F)

The adult ovarian surface epithelium has already been proposed as a source of stem cells and germinal cells. Present studies have confirmed the occurrence of stem cells in ovaries of adult mammals, including humans. This paper briefly describes ovarian stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, putative stem cells and ovarian germ cells. With their differentiation potential, these cells constitute a very interesting research field as stem cells are used in a few medical disciplines and their application in fertility treatment is probably only a matter of time.