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Opinions of parturient women on the possibility of choice of the cesarean section without medical indications ? only at own request



Introduction. The issue of cesarean section on-request arouses controversion not only among medical circle, all over the world. The aim. The purpose of this study was present the opinion of patients« on the choice of the way of delivery in case of formalising recommendations to “cesarean section on- request” and factors that have influence on making such decision.Material and methods. 290 patients of delivery room were asked to fill up questionnaire concerning factors and conditions influencing on the decision of cesarean section on request. Results. 37,9% of pregnant women decided to deliver by cesarean section on-request without medical indications. The most important factors connected with this choice included fear of baby’s condition, anxiety of pain and effort during vaginal labor. Only 5,3% patients have taken into account safety of delivery. For 3,2% of patients, especially primipara, deterioration of sexual intercourse was the most important indication to choice cesarean section on-request. Conclusions. In our study 38%of expectant mothers would be likely to settle for a termination of labour with a C-section under no medical indications (on demand). The main motivations behind the choice of C-section on demand include the concern with the child’s condition at birth as well as fear of pain and strain associated with natural childbirth. Delivery method safety and threats proved to be of marginal concern.