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Ginekologia i Poloznictwo
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Obstetric outcomes of mothers with gestationaldiabetes mellitus



Introduction. Gestational diabetes mellitus is one of the most common diseases in pregnancy.Early diagnosis and correct treatment of GDM is very important part of the prevention ofcomplications and may reduce fetal exposure to hyperglycemia.Aim. To compare pregnancy and labour outcomes between women with gestational diabetesmellitus treated only with diet (type1) and with diet and insulin (type2).Material and methods. We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of 8273 pregnantwoman in Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Polish Mother Memorial Hospital inLodz between 2006 – 2010. The analysis concerned maternal age, time and way of deliveryand birth weight and condition of newborns.Results. In the analyzed group 259 (3,2%) women were gestational diabetes mellitus, 141(54,5%) women with type 1 and 118 (45,5%) with type 2. Pregnancies ended between 27 and41 weeks in both group. The mean birth mass of neonates amounted to 3244g in GDM type1 and 3240g in GDM type 2. Macrosomia in the tested group, occurred in 11,4% (type 1)and 14% (type2).Conclusions. With mother age, increasing the risk of developing gestational diabetes type 2.Mothers with GDM haven’t a high percentage of surgical deliveries. Fetal macrosomia is morecommon in group of neonates of mothers with gestational diabetes type 2.