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Knowledge and experience concerning various methods of contraception in the population of women over eighteen years of age ? part one


Author(s): Agnieszka Ciukszo (BCDEF), Marta Schmidt (BCDEF), Aleksandra Krupa (BCDEF), Daria Jorg (ABCDEFG), Katarzyna Zborowska (ABCDEFG), Violetta Skrzypulec-Plinta (ABCDEFG)

Introduction. Contraceptive counseling is a part of medical services provided by obstetricians/gynecologists. Its aim is to raise awareness and knowledge concerning human sexuality, menstrual cycle physiology and the fertilization process. These services also involve the selection of methods and means of contraception, taking into account their reversibility and impact on future fertility as well as potential side effects and adverse reactions. The aim of this study was to analyze women’s self-evaluation of their knowledge and experience concerning various methods of contraception and expectations regarding contraceptive counseling based on a group of women over eighteen years of age. Material and methods. The study included 400 healthy women aged from 18 to 57 years (x–=27.5; SD=6.2). The selfconstructed questionnaire was used. The results were analyzed in IBM SPSS Statistics. Results. The results indicate that women evaluate their level of knowledge on contraception as relatively high (x–=3.8), but questions on self-evaluation in terms of individual methods reveal that this knowledge is actually much lower, even in selfassessment (x– =2.8). In the opinion of the respondents, specialists are prepared for contraceptive counseling. Conclusions. Help in making a decision about the choice of a birth control method is an important element of medical services in the field of gynecology and obstetrics. Women expect doctors and midwives to be able to provide information about advantages and disadvantages of a given birth control method and to help in the selection of the most suitable one. The knowledge of women on contraception is often based on information obtained on the Internet, not verified by a doctor or midwife. Education in this area is needed. It can be provided not only by doctors, but also by midwives and nurses.