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Is a Uterine Scar after Previous Cesarean Section a Threat during Successive Labor?


Author(s): Aneta Poręba, Janusz Pozowski, Urszula Sioma-Markowska

The rupture of the scarred uterus is one of the most dangerous complication of the labor after previous cesarean section that is life threatening to both mother and fetus. These complications, despite dangerous consequences often present no symptoms, so it creates problems in diagnosis. Based on the review of literature frequency of uterine scars defects were introduced and types of defects and symptoms were given. The resistance of the scar that depends on many factors has a substantial influence on the occurrence of these complications. Factors that determine the resistance of the scars were discussed and their individual influence on the scar quality were analyzed. Different kinds of diagnostic methods used for assessment of scars quality were described and their usefulness in risk estimation of the scar defects occurrence were given. The review of literature was done and allowed to isolate group of pregnant women of low risk of uterine scar rupture during vaginal birth after previous cesarean section . The isolated group of women demonstrate good uterine scar condition so parturition could be safe.