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Indications for caesarian section according to NICE



The qualification criteria for cesarean section require constant updating. In 2011, The Natio-nal Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in the document „Caesarean sectionNICE clinical guideline 132” presented guidelines for this obstetric surgery. Conditions suchas breech presentation, premature birth, multiple pregnancy, placenta previa, fetal hypotrophy,cephalo-pelvic disproportion, HIV, HCV, HBV and HSV infection, or body mass index greaterthan 50 kg/m2 have been discussed. Indications for cesarean section are divided according toits mode: elective, planned, urgent and sudden. Clinicians also use the division of indicationsfor cesarean section on the background of ICD-10. It was also noted that the proportion ofindications for cesarean section in recent years in the United States differed depending on theethnicity of the mother. Increasingly, it is emphasized that the request of the mother shouldalso be considered as important indication for this surgery.