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Health related quality of life women?s with premenstrual syndrome



Introduction. About 80% of women in reproductive age experience premenstrual syndrome. However from few years premenstrual syndrome has been subject of medical research. Many articles describe the causes of premenstrual syndrome have been publicated. This syndrome influence on women’s health related quality of life, also has impact on they familiar and social life.

The aim. The aim of this study was analysis quality of life women with diagnosis premenstrual syndrome.

Material and methods. A group of 100 women (age 18-39) was subjected to an analysis. The research tool was a self – prepared questionnaire. The Short Form – 36 questionnaire was used to analyse health related quality of life. The association between collected data was evaluated by using the logistic regression model in Statistica 6.0 computer software.

Results. The mean age was 26,5±4,9 years. Quality of life women with premenstrual syndrome and healthy women was low in both groups include physical and mental health. The premenstrual syndrome most impacted on mental health (53,4%) and emotional sphere (39,8%). This syndrome also influenced on women’s social functioning (62,9%). However premenstrual syndrome had no effect on physical activity (78,9%). In general health related quality of life study population was low. Therefore premenstrual syndrome had no statistics effect on women’s quality of life. None from demographic, social, sexual factors had no statistics significance on frequency of premenstrual syndrome. This study should be enlarged for bigger population, with including prospective analysis of menstrual cycle.