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Gynaecological cancers in pregnancy



Summary Despite the incidence increase cancer still remains rare among pregnant or postpartum women. Malignancies occur in 0,02-0,1% women in pregnancy and puerperium. About 50% of all pregnancy associated malignancies constitute neoplasm’s arising from female genital tract. Breast cancer contrary to uterine cervical cancer and ovarian cancer is detected in more advanced stages than in non pregnant women. Cancer treatment in pregnancy presents special problems. The main goal is to offer pregnant patients the same optimum management as nonpregnant patients. Surgery is regarded as safe to fetus irrespective of age of pregnancy. Chemotherapy should be not used in the first trimester. It is strongly recommended to wait until 14 weeks duration to initiate chemotherapy During the second and third trimester, chemotherapy can be administered relatively safely. Although radiotherapy long has been considered to be not compatible with pregnancy, a recent review supports its use during pregnancy, however under strict conditions. Prognosis of pregnancy associated cancer is the same as in non- pregnant women. Affected women should be treated by multidisciplinary team, in specialised centers. Key words: pregnancy, gyneacological cancer, management S6t3Bh9Gwo