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Giant cystadenoma mucinosum in a 74-year old female? case study



According to WHO, ovarian mucinous neoplasms are histopathologically classified among surface epithelial tumors, including the type composed of the endocervicoma-type cells and consisting of intestine-type cells. They can be found in teratomas, too.The purpose of study was to present a case of giant cystadenoma mucinosum of the left ovary weighing 21kg detected in a 74-year-old female. A 74-year-old female was referred by her GP for treatment to the Internal Diseases Ward with the diagnosis of laesio myocardii in stadio decompenstata circulatoria, cirrhosis hepatic and tumor abdominis(?). The patient’s complaints lasted for several months and she was treated on ambulant basis. On admission she presented in severe distress. She complained of general weakness, vomiting, swellings, tingling in the limbs and frequent urination. After a series of diagnostic investigations and gynaecological consultation the patient was moved to the ward of gynaecology and obstetrics. On the 7th day of hospital stay she was operated on: left adnexia were excised with a tumor of 50 x 40 x 20cm in size, weighing 21kg. Considering the patient’s general condition and benign character of the tumor, the operation was limited to the minimum required. The patient was released from hospital on the 10th day following the operation. In the 17-year clinical material collected at the Ward of Genaecology and Obstetrics, SP ZOZ Lipsko, in the years 1985-2001 the tumor weighing over 20kg, accounting for 28% patient’s body weight was the only case noted among 28 other ovarian mucinous neoplasms noted over that period. In addition to the case presented, among the patients operated on for ovarian mucinous neoplasms there were other 11 large ovarian tumors weighing 2.5 - 13.5 kg. Key words: ovarian cystadenoma mucinosum; surgery