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Genitourinary tract infections in women and mentreated because of infertility



Introduction. Infections, especially those which are sexually transmitted, may be the reasonof infertility, miscarriage, preterm birth, intrauterine infection and bad stage of newborn.Materials and methods. 138 infertile couples were examined with detailed interview, physicaland ultrasound examination, bacteriological swab of cervical canal and penis, as well as,bacteriological culture of urine and semen. In each case of detected infection pharmacologicaltreatment based on bacteriological result was provided.Results. Genitourinary tract infections were detected in more than half women and men ofcouples treated because of infertility. In infertile women most often were detected: Ureapla-sma urealyticum in the cervical canal, Streptococcus ß hemolyticus in vaginal vestibulum andin rectum, and Escherichia coli in urine culture. In in semen culture of infertile men mostlyEnterococcus faecalis was detected.Conclusion. Genitourinary tract infections are very common in infertile couples and maysignifficantly decrease reproductive outcomes.