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Fear related to amniocentesis as a method of invasive prenatal diagnosis



Introduction. Invasive prenatal diagnostics gives opportunities to detect various abnormalities during pregnancy. It makes the therapeutic possibilities more real. However, any application of such methods frequently involves various dilemmas of medical, psychical or ethical nature. The Aim. To establish factors that influence the amniocentesis-related fear of a pregnant woman and to establish what aspects the fear concerns. Material and methods. The research was conducted in the Clinic of Obstetrics at the Medical University of Gdansk between September 1st and December 31st of 2008. 100 pregnant patients who underwent amniocentesis were involved in the research. A questionnaire was used for scientific purposes. Statistical analysis was performed by means of statistica pl. Results. The research has proven that planned invasive prenatal diagnostics induces the presence of fear in patients. The women are mostly afraid of possible complications that may appear during the procedure. Conclusions. The research results suggest that providing more information concerning the procedure may decrease fear of invasive prenatal diagnostics.