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Etiology, diagnosis and treatment of recurrent spontaneus pregnancy loss ? part II



Three or more consecutive spontaneous miscarriages are defined as recurrent miscarriage (RM)and this condition affects about 1–3% of women during their reproductive years Many cli-nicians define recurrent miscarriage as two or more losses especially in patients after 35 years,with difficulties in conception or if there was fetal heart rate comfirmed in prior pregnancies.The observed incidence of recurrent miscarriage (1-3%) is much higher than that expected bychance alone (0,34%). It is a devastating problem for patients and clinical challenge forphyicians.In this review, we try to summarize current concepts on etiology, diagnosis and treatment ofreccurent pregnancy loss.Part one, presented below, includes the intoduction, anatomical factors, genetic abnormalitiesimmunological factors and inherited thrombophilias.Part two contains endocrine disorders, infections, environmental factors, the role of the malepartner in etiology of RM, some new possible risk factors, unexplained RM and the summary.

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