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Dose of the vitamin D in prenatal supplementsand the current prevention its deficiency at mothersand newborns



Introduction. Because of widespread deficiencies of vitamin D in the human body there isa need of supplementation large amount of vitamin D during pregnancy - in the dose of 37,5- 50 μg per day.The aim. The aim of this study was evaluation of the dose of vitamin D in vitamin-mineralprenatal supplements in the context of actual prevention its deficiency at mother and newborn.Material and methods.The assortment of preparations was collected in 10 pharmacies inWarsaw in 2014. The content of vitamin D was estimated based on the information on thepackage of preparations.Results. The content of vitamin D in vitamin-mineral prenatal supplements was diversified (5-50 μg per tablet/capsule), but 85% of them contained small dose of vitamin D (5-10 μg).Conclusions. Prenatal supplements are not able to provide good prevention of vitamin Ddeficiency at mother and newborn, therefore adjusting their composition to actual recommen-dations is needed.