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Ginekologia i Poloznictwo
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Different laparoscopic techniques for endometrioma excision and their effect on ovarian reserve


Author(s): Nagy Mohammed Metwally Ahmed*

Background: Surgery of endometrioma sometimes reduces ovarian reserve.

Methods: We here evaluated the effect of two different laparoscopic techniques on ovarian reserve markers: "complete laparoscopic cystectomy” (n=40) versus “partial cystectomy and coagulation of the adherent cyst wall of endometrioma" (n=40). Ovarian reserve was evaluated by measuring serum AMH and Basic AFC on day three of the menstrual cycle (preoperative) and 6-month after the surgery.

Results: Preoperative ovarian reserve was the same between the two groups. Postoperative ovarian reserve reduced similarly in both groups.

Conclusion: Two procedures showed similar reduction of ovarian reserve.