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Ginekologia i Poloznictwo
ISSN 1896-3315 e-ISSN 1898-0759

Diagnosis and treatment of ectopic interstitial pregnancy? three cases report


Author(s): Ewa Surynt, Beata Osuch, Beata Śpiewankiewicz, Jerzy Stelmachów

Interstitial pregnancy, one of rare forms of ectopic pregnancy, is a medical condition difficult to diagnose and treat. In the study herein three cases have been depicted with a focus on the analysis of the diagnostic and therapeutic problems. The assay of the concentration of the subunit of ß-hCG w corroborated by the results of the intravaginal ultrasonography (detection of fertilized follicles in the uterine muscle that show no connection with the uterine cavity) allowed for the establishment of the diagnosis. In two cases chemotherapy proved effective whereas in one the administration of methotrexat was supplemented with laparoscopy. In all patients the treatment enabled to preserve reproductive organs and, by the same token, reproductive function