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Ginekologia i Poloznictwo
ISSN 1896-3315 e-ISSN 1898-0759

Current methods of treatment of ectopic pregnancy


Author(s): Ewa Surynt, Beata Osuch, Agnieszka Timorek-Lemieszczuk

Ectopic pregnancy occurs due to an implantation of the conceptus outside the uterus cavity. The choice of accurate treatment option - surgical or conservative management – seems to be difficult. Transvaginal ultrasonography (TVS) and serum beta human chorionic gonadotropin (bhCG) test enable an early and specific diagnosis and might be implemented in contemporary diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. The diagnosis, as well as surgical treatment, may be performed laparoscopically. The use of Methotrexate (MTX) in the treatment of ectopic pregnancies allows for reducing the risk of severe hemorrhage, Fallopian tubes rupture and other life threatening complications, as well as preserving fertility. However, no recommendations for diagnosis and qualification for conservative therapy of ectopic pregnancy using MTX exist. Additionally, there is a need for introduction and evaluation of new diagnostic options due to more simple but high effective management allowing for early and specific identification of ectopic pregnancy.