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Complications after amniocentesis ? analysis of pain



Introduction. The risk of miscarriage after genetic amniocentesis is 0,2-1%. Other post-amniocentesis complications include: uterine muscle contractions, lower abdominal pain after the procedure, miscarriage, vaginal bleeding or spotting, amniorrhoea, amnionitis. The Aim. The analysis of expected pain level, estimation of one’s pain sensitivity and actual pain felt by a patient during amniocentesis. Material and methods. The research was conducted in the Department of Obstetrics of Medical University of Gdansk between September 1st and December 31st of 2008. 100 pregnant patients who underwent amniocentesis were involved in the research. A questionnaire was used for scientific purposes. Statistical analysis was made by means of statistica pl. Results. Actual feeling of pain in respect of expected symptoms during invasive prenatal examination depends on a patient’s education, occupational activity, marital status, previous spontaneous abortions and positive obstetrics history. Conclusions. Actual feeling of pain with respect to the expected intensity of ailments associated with invasive prenatal examination depends on education level, professional activity, marital status, a history of spontaneous abortions as well as risk factors established in the interview with the pregnant women.