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Ginekologia i Poloznictwo
ISSN 1896-3315 e-ISSN 1898-0759

Clinical usefulness of HE4 in pathologies other than ovarian carcinoma. A literature review


Author(s): Andrzej Brenk (AEF), Piotr Bodzek (EF), Mikołaj Baliś (EF), Aleksandra Barbachowska (EF), Iwona Janosz (F), Anita Olejek (AE)

HE4 is a glycoprotein broadly used as a tumor marker in ovarian carcinoma. This article presents a literature review on the clinical usefulness of HE4 concentrations in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases other than ovarian cancer. The authors discuss the role of HE4 in endometrial cancer, vulvar cancer and cervical cancer. Other disorders of the female reproductive system in which the role of HE4 is discussed include endometriosis, uterine fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease and benign ovarian tumors. Moreover, the authors mention also reports that demonstrate an increase in HE4 concentration in pregnant women, as well as its potential role as a marker of preterm delivery and miscarriage. Finally, the article presents the clinical role of HE4 in patients with lung cancer, chronic kidney disease and colorectal carcinoma.