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Ginekologia i Poloznictwo
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Child?s death in parent?s experience ? analysis of the mourning process



The experience of losing of a close person is one of the most important and most traumatic experiences in human life. This trauma is closely bound with the increase of risk of psychical disturbances and somatic disorders. From the psychological point of view, the mourning appears to be a complex, dynamic process covering all range of various psychical experiences, physical sensation and behavioral reactions. The authors of the study present major problems traditionally undertaken in analyzing of the mourning process, they discuss the typology and conditioning of the mourning process concentrating on the psychological aspects of the parental mourning. The study also focuses on the fact that the access to the social support significantly determines the natural course of the mourning process and one of the most important forms of help that could be offered to the bereaved parents in the first period of mourning process is the information support on the part of the medical personnel.