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Cesarean section ? what is method that in principlewe operate


Author(s): 71GinPolMedProject 3 (21) 2011Operacja cięcia cesarskiego – jaką metodą w zasadzieoperujemy© GinPolMedProject 3 (21) 2011Artykuł poglądowy/Review articleCesarean section – what is method that in principlewe operateKRZYSZTOF CZAJKOWSK

A Caesarean section is one of the most frequent surgical procedures. It constitutes even upto over 40% of deliveries. Both the indications for the procedure and its technique haveundergone numerous modifications over the recent years. In Poland, Caesarean sections aremost frequently performed with the Pfannenstiel, Cohen, or Misgav-Ladach method. The choiceof the method, however, is not always based on scientific data, and the competence with respectto the detailed course of the procedure is not always profound, either. A close analysis of surgicalreports indicates that the name of the applied method does not always correspond to thedescribed course of the surgery. Herein, a review of literature has been presented with par-ticular attention paid to the differences between the methods and their clinical repercussions.