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Blood serum hydroxyvitamin D concentration in ovarian cancer



Introduction. There have been many researches over the influence of low concentrations ofvitamin D and the risk of ovarian cancer progress.Aim. The comparison of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25[OH]D) concentration, the main metaboliteof vitamin D in blood serum in patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer with the group of healthywomen.Material and methods. The examined group - 41 women with ovarian cancer in different levelof severity from I to IV according to FIGO. Control group - 31 healthy women. Determination25(OH)D, made by means of ECLIA electrochemiluminescence method. The material forresearch was collected between November and March – in a period of low insolation for Poland. Results. In the group of patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the median concentration of25-hydroxycholecalcyferol was 36.79 nmol/l, and in the group of healthy women - 42.28 nmol/l. The correlation factor r was - 0,17.Conclusions. The concentration of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in blood in patients with ovarian cancerwas lower in comparison to healthy people. The concentrations of vitamin D in the examinedgroup as in the control group were below the level recommended by the researchers. Thereis a weaker, reverse correlation, between the concentration of vitamin D in blood and the levelof disease progress.