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Amoxicillin-clavulanic acid in women with preterm prematurerupture of membranes and necrotizing enterocolitisin the newborns



Preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM) occurs before 37 completed weeks ofpregnancy and is the cause of 30–40% of preterm births. This is due to the weakening of thestructure of membranes, which is frequently induced by microbes. It carries a risk for new-borns of not only many complications associated with prematurity, but also the developmentof sepsis, and that is why prophylactic antibiotic therapy in the case of preterm prematurerupture of membranes is recommended. Therapeutic options include amoxicillin which is veryoften administered in combination with clavulanic acid. This medicine has been subjected tomany tests in terms of the development of necrotizing enterocolitis in neonates born to motherswho have used it. However, the results of these research projects are not clear and do not allowthese antibiotics to be linked to the development of such a complication in newborns.