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Adnexal Masses In Pregnancy: An overview


Author(s): Amala Sunder*, Basma Darwish, Abdulla Darwish, Veena Nagaraj and Nawal M. Dayoub

Objective: Adnexal masses are discovered in pregnancy during routine examination or with symptoms. The Management options and the pregnancy outcome are based upon the clinical presentation and characteristics of the masses. We analysed the importance of surgical management in our study.

Method: Retrospective observational study of adnexal masses during pregnancy at Bahrain Defence Force Hospital between January 2017 and February 2019. The maternal demographics, clinical presentation of adnexal masses, gestational age at presentation, management and pregnancy outcome were evaluated. All computerised data are anonymized.

Result: During our study period, the incidence of adnexal masses during pregnancy was 0.33%. Out of these 51.7% was managed conservatively and 48.3% was managed surgically. Out of the cases that required surgical intervention, 34% of them were complicated benign masses and 3.4% was malignant. Upon looking the pregnancy outcome two patients in the conservative group had miscarriage and 6.9% ended in preterm delivery. Furthermore 6.9% of babies delivered were diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction and 17.4% were small for their gestational age. Uneventful pregnancy outcome was 31%.

Conclusion: Adnexal masses have variable presentations during pregnancy. Surgical approaches were required either in complicated or in complex masses to optimize the outcome.