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Ginekologia i Poloznictwo
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A prospective cross-section comparative study between cephal-cauded blunt uterine incision expansions vs. transverse blunt expansion in emergency CS


Author(s): Ahmed Sherif Abdel Hamid, Salwa Neyazi, Nada Alayed*, Khalid Akkour, Eman Al Shehri and Ayman Aly Hamed El-Sallamy

Background: A new technique of uterine incision expansion has been studied in different trials in the past few years in elective CS but cephal-cauded is not studied in emergency CS or CS due to arrest in 2nd stage of labor.

Design: A prospective cross-section comparitive study which was carried in 2 hospitals in Saudi Arabia in the period between January 2022 and June 2022.

Methods: Women underwent CS using cephal-cauded expansion (group A; n=40) and transverse expansion (group B; n=40), with each group having underdone it in a different hospital. We included only patients in the 2nd stage of labor with emergency CS (labor arrest or non-reassuring fetal status).

Measured outcomes were: Occurrence of uterine over-extension, vessel injury, need for additional stitches, and blood loss.

Results: Generally, cephalad- caudal expansion, compared with transverse expansion, had better outcomes, but without statistical significance

Conclusions: In CS at 2nd stage of labor, cephalad-caudal expansion of the uterine incision may be an option.