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Primary ovarian retroperitoneal serous cystadenoma primarily diagnosed as ovarian torsion managed laparoscopically: Case Report


Author(s): Nada Alayed, Khalid Akkour, Rana Al Ohaly, Fady Alakeel, Amany Abuhassan and Ahmed Sherif Abdel Hamid AS*

Introduction: The site of pathology is the unique about this case, ovary is an intraperitoneal structure, in this case the ovary was retroperitoneal and there was ovarian serous cystadenoma (1st case in literature), Serous cystadenoma arises retroperitoneal but to the best of our knoweldge we didnot find any cases in literature describing primary Ovarian serous cystadenoma.

Case presentation: The patient is virgin, 26 years old presented with history of ovarian cyst of 3-month duration and acute lower abdominal pain, on examination there was tender lower abdomen, ultrasound was done revealing ovarian cyst with limited study of abdominal doppler. Provisional diagnosis of ovarian torsion that was managed laparoscopically by retroperitoneal cyst adenectomy clarifying a very unusual site of the ovary.

Conclusion: Take home lesson MRI should be mandatory for any ovarian cyst in Virgin patients and laparoscopists must have experience with dangerous retroperitoneal space to avoid injury of ureter and great vessels